Help Me Choose Glasses! Part 1

May 1st

One of the perks of heath insurance is catching up on all of my wellness visits that I’ve been putting off. I come from the school of “unless it’s obviously messed up it is probably fine…and even if it is messed up it better be falling off,” so save for a few exceptions I do not frequent the doctor. Now that I’m insured, I decided to take advantage of the vision care program offered and get my eyes examined.

I’d not been in for an exam since maybe June 2008 , a post-op check after getting laser eye surgery the previous December. Growing up my eyes were terrible…by the time I elected to have the surgery I had astigmatism in both eyes and a prescription of -8 – essentially sans glasses I was blind.

Look at that blind, baby face. A week later I would have those glasses knocked off my face at a festival in Belgium, and what should have been a 10 minute walk back to my tent ended up being an hour of meandering through a crowd in the dark. That was really the moment I decided to have the surgery.

My eyes were too bad for Lasik, so I had PRK (in which they basically just laser off the front of the cornea. Just whoosh, it’s clean off). Healing took a few weeks, but after I had 20/20 vision. The only side effects have been halos around bright lights, especially at dusk and dawn.

Anyway, it had been almost 5 years since my last exam, and recently I noticed that the halos were just a smidge fuzzier at those dusk and dawn hours, as well as in odd light situations like in a cinema. To the optometrist!

One fairly quick exam later, including an eye dilation with whatever terrible substance they use that stings in a particularly evil way, and I was all set with a prescription and a clean bill of heath. One of my eyes has worsened a bit to -.75, but that’s practically nothing. I plan on getting glasses for watching movies (and driving, if/when that happens,) but it’s nice to know they’re not a necessity.

TL;DR – I need glasses. Because they’re going to be for occasional use, I feel like I can go a little nuts and get something ostentatious. Warby Parker has some awesome frames as well as a home try-on program, so I’m going to order a few pairs to try in the next few days.

Right now I am considering:

The Ainsworth, in Elderberry and Walnut Tortoise

The Huxley, in Revolver Black

The Sims, in Violet Magnolia

The Sloan, in Rum Cherry

So, tell me what you think: do you like the frames I picked? Hate them? See something that I absolutely have to try, and will look awesome on me? Tell me in the comments!